Looking for the best Alaska cannabis? We’ve got you covered.

Cannabis, pot, weed … whatever you like to call it, many people use it. And it’s no longer the territory of ‘hippie’ places, like San Francisco or Seattle. Anyone can partake and enjoy!

However, if you’re interested in the best cannabis dispensaries, it’s important to be judgmental. What are you looking for? Maybe you’d simply like to roll a joint and be done with it. Or, you might be feeling a little experimental.

No matter what you’re looking for in Anchorage cannabis, we’ve compiled some tips to help you find your new favorite place.

1. Staying Safe

It takes a little more than simply Googling “cannabis near me.” You’ll need to investigate their reputation.

How long have they been in Anchorage? Are they a recommendation from a friend? What does their brand say about them?

The most important thing is seeing what safety measures they take. If cannabis dispensaries are meant to provide an enjoyable experience, they have to keep clients safe.

If they take pride in where their cannabis is sourced and are willing to tell you, that’s a good sign. If not, or if something feels wrong, steer clear.

Shady suppliers can end up giving you a very different—or even more dangerous—experience than you hoped for.

2. Finding the Best Cannabis Dispensaries

Best for one person might not necessarily be the same for another. After all, if a dispensary sells high-quality, hand-harvested weed, is it right for you? Maybe!

But if you’re looking to enjoy cannabis recreationally, the price tag that comes with it may not be worth it.

Do some research on what cannabis currently runs in Anchorage. The price varies a little, but not enough to drastically impact your wallet. Different strains cost different prices, depending on how rare and powerful they are.

There is an old adage, though. Remember being told, ‘you get what you pay for?’ Price can indicate quality, too, whether you like it or not.

3. The Right Location

You’ve found the best Anchorage cannabis dispensary. The price and quality are good, and you feel safe buying from them.

Where are they located, though? A convenient location can mean all the difference between whether you’ll want to visit them often or not.

Saving on gas money and time means that location can be a deciding factor when deciding which cannabis dispensaries you want to frequent.

4. Think About Customer Service

When you think about marijuana, customer service isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But it’s important! If you’re new to Anchorage, or simply new to the cannabis game, you’ll need some help.

There’s no shame in asking. That’s what the customer service team is there for! They have spent enough time helping other customers that they can help figure out what you’re looking for.

However, employees that talk down to you or assume that you should ‘know this already’ won’t make for a long relationship with your cannabis dispensary.

5. What Does It Look Like?

Unfortunately, some people feel that there’s a stigma attached to cannabis. It’s a leftover from the sixties when people smoking pot were assumed to be ‘worthless hippies.’

Now, it’s much more socially acceptable. No one should feel shame for how they choose to indulge. This is especially true for cannabis, which comes with a lot of emotional and physical health benefits!

But part of that stigma is still associated with the idea of the greasy, long-haired hippie. To feel truly comfortable diving into the best Alaska cannabis that you can find, check out the facility.

If you’re looking to establish a long professional relationship with a place, you’ll want to make sure that they’re clean. What does their hygiene look like? Are their staff members well groomed?

You’re going to be smoking, eating, or otherwise imbibing their products, so treat it like food. You wouldn’t buy food from a filthy, shady-looking grocer store, so don’t sacrifice your quality standards when it comes to weed.

6. What’s Their Reputation?

As we mentioned earlier, it’s easier to feel comfortable with a place if you’ve received a recommendation from a friend.

However, your friends might not be into cannabis. Or, they simply haven’t checked out the best places in Alaska that are near you.

If you’re flying blind, take the time to do a little research. What do the Google reviews say? Put out some feelers and see what the community consensus is.

Of course, you can always go directly into the building. Then, you can pick up a general ‘vibe’ of what the place is like.

Check into their Better Business Bureau rating, too. If they’re a reputable business, they’ll have it.

7. Following the Rules

Everyone just wants to have fun. But when it comes to obtaining weed, it’s more fun when your dispensary follows the rules!

Keeping solid records is an important part of marijuana transactions. When you make a purchase, see what records they’re keeping. This may include things like product name, the price, the date the product was sold on, and how old you were at the time of purchase.

Not only does this prevent underage sales, but it also provides accountability for the dispensary. That way, their proceedings are legal and customers can remain confident.

Making a Match

Finding the dispensary that’s right for you is important. Whether you’re looking for some cheap fun, or want some high-quality cannabis to soothe chronic pain, there’s something out there that works for you.

Take the time to build relationships with your local cannabis dispensaries. Learn how they give back to the community, how they participate with it, and what their version of ‘good’ looks like.

Once you’re comfortable with your dispensary of choice, you can enjoy cannabis whenever you like! As a relaxing, health-boosting way to have fun, check out our dispensary as the best way to enjoy Alaska!

Marijuana has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming and addictive. Marijuana impairs concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under its influence. There are health risks associated with consumption of marijuana. For use only by adults twenty-one and older. Keep out of reach of children. Marijuana should not be used by women who are pregnant or breast feeding.